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Posted on 21 November, 2013 at 19:40

MINUTES of Past Meetings

June, 2013

SCAPE Minutes 27 June 2013


Meeting called to order at 6:50 pm

In Attendance: Susan, Sherrill, Frank, Berty, Sonya, Linda


1) Minutes of the last meeting accepted as read

Moved by Susan. Seconded by Berty


Business arising from minutes:

2) Ideas for Mission Statement:

Strong communities are built by strong people. Strong communities nurture the body, mind and spirit of its members

Participation in the arts is important to the health and well-being of the individual

Necessities of life - Food, shelter, clean air and water, music, dance, beauty, self- expression


3) Sherrill will pursue the mission statement for next meeting


4) Meetings will now be held the last Wednesday of the month from 5:00 to 6:00 pm

Move by Berty. Seconded by Susan.


5) Berty will ask Don for update on gift certificates


6) Heima Group Homes - meeting next week


7) Berty will contact Lodge about concert there in fall


New Business

8) Sherrill and Gabriel Roth are hold a dance and art event in Matlock - proceeds to SCAPE


9) Susan will look into bank account at Noventis


10) Susan will chair next meeting


7:38 - Meeting adjourned.




July 201


Meeting start: 5.05pm The original minutes were misplaced - these minutes are typed from Susan's notes

In Attendance: Deb, Georgie, Susan, Sonya, Frank, Linda, Abby, Sherrill.

1. Minutes of the last meeting accepted as read

2. Business arising from minutes: Sherrill made a correction to the Dance and Art Event in Matlock. The event was organized by Sherrill and Heather Sharpe (not Gabriel Roth as indicated in the minutes).

3. Sherrill presented ideas for mission statement leading to discussions.

A motion was made to accept the following as our mission statement:

"SCAPE will provide opportunity for individuals to access the arts in a safe and supportive environment regardless of physical, mental, economic or social challenges"

... Moved by Linda, seconded by Sherrill - unanimous

4. Don has indicated to Linda & Berty that the churches are pleased with the Irish Otter gift certificates towards meals for financially challenged local people. The suggestion was made not to have a specific date on the certificates. Churches will survey the community to assess needs and let us know.

5. Due to conflicting schedules Susan was unable to meet with assistant director of Heima homes regarding SCAPE programs with Heima residents. This discussion will be postponed until September.

6. Berty has not yet had a chance to discuss concerts or other programs with Winnipeg Beach Lodge. This will be pursued when time allows.

7. Sherrill's plan to raise money for SCAPE through a summer dance and music program was unsuccessful due to low enrolment. Sherrill was congratulated by the group on her efforts and it was decided to build on this idea for the future.

8. Susan contacted Noventis Winnipeg Beach to inquire about setting up a SCAPE bank account, and was given the name of the appropriate contact in Gimli. Sherrill volunteered to meet with the Gimli Noventis representative before the August meeting. Linda, Sherrill and Susan agreed to be the three signing officers.

9. Sherrill will check Vista (? my notes were incomplete on this - can be checked at Aug meeting).

10. Deb suggested ideas for PR - contact local schools, newspapers, have a logo contest open to people of all ages and abilities ( have many honourable mentions as well as prize winners), have an electronic/email newsletter ("E-SCAPE"), have a Facebook account. Deb volunteered to provide an honorarium towards the logo contest prize and to design a contest poster. Deb also volunteered to help do a Facebook page.

11. Sherrill volunteered to chair next meeting

Meeting end: 6:08pm

December 2013

SCAPE MINUTES: December 3, 2013



Chair: Linda Bradley


Present: Sonya Aysen, Susan Hammer, Jeanne Gougeon, Dot Harapiak, Terry Harapiak, Frances McKinnon, Marge Meisner, Helma Rogge-Rehders, Sherrill Ruckert, Shelagh Russell, Don Winston


Meeting Called to Order: 11:07 am


Minutes Read: Helma moved that the minutes be accepted as read. Seconded by Shelagh. Approved


I. Finances: 1) current bank balance of $1,000.

2) Donation: $274 from Earthly Basic Community Coop (closing funds)

Also, movie camera, and printer currently in care of Paul Hammer.

3) Thank you card to Jim Farmer


II. Current Priorities: 1) Letters to Mennonite Central Committee (MCC),

Evergreen Basic Needs, Selkirk (??)—add to website (??)

2) Music instrument bank (fiddles, violins, etc.) possible


3) Acknowledge donation by Shelagh and Larry Scott to the

Scott Waschal Scholarship fund

4) Music & arts for children (3 kids) supported


III. Delivery of Services Ideas: 1) Shelagh suggested some form of payback for

borrowing instruments

2) Dot suggested Child & Adult Project using Jars

3) Jeanne suggested a once a week Story Time with


4) Sherrill suggested Improv Dance with Art/and

Story Writing


IV. Space Possibilities:

1) Future of Irish Otter as non-profit community gathering space discussion:

Linda suggested use of space for classes and as place for sharing food with donation of work time by various community members. Berty Jones to manage.


2)United Church: Don Winston suggested use of United Church for SCAPE activities during daytime with a trial period of 3 months. Don will draw up a rent-free agreement that includes use of restrooms.




V. Exploring Funding: Jeanne moved that we explore funding for SCAPE. Seconded by Dot. Motion passed.


Susan reported previous contacts:

1) Westshore Singers

2) Manitoba Arts Council for grants for concerts

3) Culture Days (Stan Boardmoc contact)


Discussion: Helma suggested that SCAPE may offer participation support at a variety of community venues. Exploration of creative use of space for SCAPE activities.


VI. Monthly SCAތ benefit concerts

1) Possible concert in January, 2014-01-07


Meeting Adjourned: 12:20 pm


Next Meeting: January 11, 11am.


Submitted by: Sherrill Ruckert









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