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Minutes of May 6 2014

Posted on 20 May, 2014 at 0:30


MAY 6, 2014


PRESENT: Linda Bradley, Holly Cain, Tony Duchat (?), Pat Green, Paul Hammer, Susan Hammer, Marj Meisner, Ken Muracz, Wendy Muracz, Helma Rogge Rehders, Sherrill Ruckert


AGENDA: 1. Insurance

2. Business License

3. Scholarship for A. J. Smith

4. Grants Applications in process

5. Payment for SCAPE website

6. ARTSCAPE report: Helma

7. Space Rental for SCAPE Fall 2014, Spring 2015


1. Insurance,


Cost of insurance annually is $945.00. Of this, the ARTSCAPE group will pay $400.

Payments to be made in 3 installments: Initially $378.00. In 60 days--$283.50; in 120 days--$283.50


Linda moved that the motion passed on April 1, 2014, to purchase the insurance, be amended to the above. Helma seconded. Passed unanimously.


2. Business License


The City of Winnipeg Beach requires SCAPE to purchase a business license for an annual fee of $50. Current purchase will cover period from date of purchase to end of December, 2014. A new license must be purchased annually in January.


Sherrill so moved. Seconded by Pat. Passed unanimously.


3. Scholarship for A. J. Smith


The use of the scholarship by Abbie has been discontinued. Abbie received 3 concertina lessons from Susan Hammer from the Music Instruction Scholarship fund of $300 at a cost of $60.00. As per letter from Susan Hammer, A. J. Smith is requesting support for continuing instruction for 10 private lessons at $20/per lesson plus 8 ensemble classes at $5/class for the Spring Term. This will cover half the cost and the other half will be paid by the family. A.J. is a member of a band called the Bog Boys who have volunteered to play at the Beachscape Traditional Music and Arts Festival. Susan submitted her letter of request to SCAPE on April 30.


Pat moved that we award the sum of $240 to A.J. Smith from the Music Instruction Scholarship Fund. Helma seconded. Passed unanimously.


Since this award will deplete the fund to zero, there is a need to fund raise for the future.  It was suggested  that a 50-50 draw for this purpose could be held at the Beachscape event. Pat offered to organize.


Linda moved that Pat pursue the 50-50 draw fundraiser and that SCAPE would reimburse her for any license costs. Susan seconded. Passed unanimously.


4. Grants in Process


1) Susan has applied to the Manitoba Arts Council for an Artists in Community grant in the amount of $10,000 specifically for a concert series for fall 2014 and winter 2015 and for the Saturday night concert for Beachscape which will pay for the performer on Saturday night and the sound system. She will be notified in early June as to the decision.


2) Linda would like to apply to the Manitoba Community Services Council for a grant of $9,600 for help in covering rent for SCAPE for the next year.


Sherrill moved that Linda Bradley send a Grant application to the Manitoba Community Services Council in the amount of $9,600. Tony seconded. Passed unanimously.


All SCAPE members may bring forward grant applications for activities you want to offer through SCAPE. For example, Linda will be offering an Art Doodling class once a week for free. She could apply for a grant for supplies and or fees that could be donated to SCAPE. Linda has offered to help members who are interested. Members should preferably contact her by phone (204-651-1167) rather than by email.


Susan, Paul and Linda met with Peter Bjornson who will see what grants may be available. He recommended contact with Dave Cain to ask his help on working with grants now that the by-laws have been completed. We also need to develop a Business Plan, determine Membership Fees, etc. and Dave would be a good resource for these things as well.


5) Sherrill made a request that SCAPE assume responsibility for the website fees of $15.00 per month. She is donating the costs incurred so far. She will continue to pay the fees and submit an annual bill in January 2015 to cover the period of May-December.


Linda so moved. Helma seconded. Passed unanimously.


5. ARTSCAPE Storefront report by Helma.


Groups have been established to cover items such as signage, credit card use, setup and advertising. All participating artists have paid their fee


Will open June 1 as Hammer's move out. To be set us as a gallery without commission. A $500 deposit has been paid. Yvonne Dominik is doing the layout of the space. Susan suggested the advertising for ARTSCAPE AND BEACHSCAPE be combined. Sherrill requested a write-up for ARTSCAPE for the SCAPE website


6. Space Rental for SPACE for fall and winter. Not much response to proposed usage and fees. Brainstorming Session at Sherrill's on Saturday morning at 10. Pat, Tony, Susan, Berty, Linda, Pat Green, Helma possible participants.


Meeting adjourned at 12:10 pm.


Submitted by Sherrill Ruckert









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