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Artist name H.


William Morris Quotes: ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.’

‘The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.’‘I do not want art for a few any more than education for a few, or freedom for a        few.’                                                                                                        ~William Morris

William Morris 1834-1896

British Arts and Crafts Movement

I live in a little white cottage with bright blue trim, surrounded by old oaks, willows and ash trees. This is Boundary Creek marsh along the west shore of Lake Winnipeg.

The best of this life here by the creek, in the Town of Winnipeg Beach, is my association with SCAPE. It is a wonderful little organization that brings music and art into the lives of a lot of people. Celtic tunes, Irish, Scottish, and dances and Irish jigs and American folksongs. I have even learned to play the penny whistle. Musicians are congenial people, we love to sing and make music. I invite you to find out more about SCAPE’s programming.


I was born in a village Greater Hamburg, Germany. During my childhood 1942 to 1958 it was very rural and I spent my free time in a creek landscape like the one I live near now.

It is no wonder that I became a painter of large fish eating birds. The west shore of Lake Winnipeg is home to millions of migratory birds which nest in the Interlake to bring up their young ones. Pelicans, cormorants, gulls, herons, the majestic eagle, osprey and more. There are songbirds galore and the ever-present red winged blackbird.

As I write this beginning of November all the songbirds are gone and so are the large birds, but woodpeckers and chickadees, and sparrows are feeding on seeds and the insects buried in the bark of trees. Squirrels are also entertaining me daily.

I love my walks in the air an overcast day and I love to listen to the rustle of the reeds and to follow the caw caw of raven and crows. When snow covers the creek bed and marsh reeds it is quiet, until we get together to celebrate the Xmas Season, then it gets lively with carol singing and Xmas markets. And sparkling lights hang on every house.


Helma is the co-founder of WINNBAC/WAVE.

A member of SCAPE from its inception. Helma is a published poet, fine writer of essays about the lay of the land.

She is a longtime member of the LWWG.