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SCAPE Member Jacqueline Isfeld

I have been a SCAPE member since 2014 and the fiddle is my instrument of choice when I play in our Wednesday evening sessions. But in the summer, flower gardening is my passion. I have some perennial flowers and 32 large pots filled with annual flowers. I purchased and planted the annual flowers after the middle of June and they grew very fast. I planted bright and white wave petunias, , pansies and some zinnia. I have a few hanging plants, but find them hard to maintain as they require frequent watering.

What I Have Learned by Growing Flowers in Containers

-Plan your purchase before you go to the nursery so you know how many flowers you need for each container and what you want. The nursery staff is very helpful if you need help deciding.

-Try to plant flowers as soon as possible after purchasing them and them for a few days from the sun

-Where you place your containers in your yard or garden needs to be well thought out as large pots are heavy and not easily moved. As well, some flowers such as pansies do not like full sun and thrive in cooler areas where they can rest in the shade.

-Try to visualize what the flowerpot will look like against the background, such as a deck, entranceway, a fence or other perennials.

-Maintenance of Flower Pots

-Check pots for watering even if it has rained. Avoid watering petunias on the flowers as they wilt easily.

-Deadhead wilted flowers daily to ensure that flowers are not going to go to seed and stop producing. It keeps the flowers fresh looking.

-Fertilize every 4 weeks depending on the directions on the fertilizer. I have been using the dry fertilizer.