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Meet one of our founding members Paul Hammer.

I have been living in Winnipeg Beach with my wife Susan, for about 9 years, when we moved from Winnipeg. We’ve both been members of SCAPE since it’s inception. I’m a musician by trade, mainly guitar, but over the years I’ve learned the mandolin, banjo and most recently, fiddle (improving!). SCAPE holds a weekly musical jam session on Wednesday nights, and that’s where you’ll find me, joining in on the tunes. While living in Winnipeg Beach I’ve met many musicians and friends who I love meeting up with at the sessions.

Another outlet for my music is the group I’m in called Round the Bend. Round the Bend is Susan, myself and Ray (Susan’s brother). We performs gigs throughout the interlake region and Winnipeg.

Besides music, photography is my favourite pastime. Back when I was in highschool, I started getting interested in photography when I read an article about building your own darkroom. My Dad then helped me build a darkroom in our basement. I’ve been taking snaps of the world around me ever since. Nowadays, I enjoy walking along the lake, trying to capture an interesting image. Over the years I’ve scaled back on the amount of fancy equipment I use, as I find it convenient to carry a lightweight, small camera.

Finally, last but not least, Susan and I have two boys, Chris and Philip, who live in Winnipeg. They’re all grown up and are doing well in their lives, I’m happy to say!

Here’s a few shots I’ve taken of our Winnipeg Beach surroundings. You can often find me negotiating the rocks along the lake, trying to get a “good snap!”